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Welcome to Skylark!

  What do we do?

Skylark Associates is a specialist consultancy offering design and development expertise in interactive media. Our projects are delivered as desktop applications, on the iPhone and now the iPad, as DVD-ROM titles, and on the web.

  The Elements

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is a beautiful and richly-detailed visual exploration of the elements based on Theodore Gray's bestselling book. Specially designed and engineered for the iPad, this ebook was developed for TouchPress in time for the launch of Apple's App Store for iPad.

  iPhone Garden Birds Guide

Everything you need to confidently identify the 48 species of birds most frequently seen in British and Irish gardens, parks, towns and villages. Includes annotated illustrations, photographs, songs and calls, commentary and distribution maps, as well as a comprehensive textual reference.

Available now in the App Store.

  Media technologies

Extensive experience developing with QuickTime and other Apple media technologies on both Mac OS X and Windows allows us to offer unrivalled competency when it comes to applications and components that fully exploit these technologies.

  iPhone Butterfly Guide

A comprehensive interactive field guide covering all 61 butterfly species that regularly occur in Britain and Ireland. This handy guide contains everything you need to confidently identify butterfly species at all life stages: adults, larvae (caterpillars), pupae and even eggs. See review on Appletell.

Available now in the App Store.

  Golf GPS i - The Open 2009

Golf GPS i is an interactive iPhone guide to the famous Turnberry course for the 2009 Open Championship. A high-resolution aerial view of each hole on the championship course is overlaid with GPS-assisted interactive distance displays: an invaluable tool for any pro or serious golfer. Developed for DMC Golf.


Published by BirdGuides Birds of the Western Palearctic interactive is a best-selling DVD-ROM title based on Skylark's Crex platform.

Covering 953 species from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, BWPi is the ultimate reference work with over 6 million words of fully searchable text, 5600 annotated illustrations, over 2000 video clips and sound recordings of over 600 species.

Reviews have been excellent with many commenting on the speed and easy-of-use of the software.

Look how the lark soars upwards and is gone,
Turning a spirit as he nears the sky!
His voice is heard, but body there is none,
To fix the vague excursions of the eye.
Thomas Hood